Bhakti Ratnakara (Brajmandal Parikrama with Narottama Das Thakur & Srinivas Acharya)

Bhakti Ratnakara

Course Description: A nectar filled description of various holy places in Braj and pastimes associated with these places. Srila Raghava Pandita, on the instruction of Srila Jiva Gosvami takes Srinavas Acarya and Narottama das Thakura on a Braja Mandal Parikrama. The book describes their pilgrimage, experiences and realizations.

Course Contents: Description of various places of pastimes of Krishna and His devotees in Braja mandala and the pastimes of the great vaishnavas who have performed bhajana in those holy places.

Course materials: Soft copy of the book

Target audience: Open for all

Assessment Plan: Not required

Course Requirement: None – Open for all

Bhakti Ratnakara Book

Bhakti Ratnakara

Video recordings of Live sessions

Bhakti Ratrnakara – Session – 1 – 15th Nov 2021

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Start Date: 15th Nov, 2021
Language: English
Duration: 18 Hours
Video: 90 Mins Each
No. Of Sessions: 12
Sessions Per Week: 3
Days: Mon, Wed & Fri
Time: 8:00 to 9:30 PM IST