Krishi Go Raksha

Course Description: Enables the participant to understand the principles of farming and cow protection, its relevance to our daily life

Course Contents:

  1. How to make decisions?
  2. Understanding how Krishna is the real doer?
  3. Why Krishna Created cows?
  4. Role of Cows in Ecosystem?
  5. How our Krishna Consciousness is connected to Mother Earth and Mother cow?
  6. How to grow your own food?

Course Materials: No course materials.

Target audience: All above 10 years

Assessment Plan: No Need.

Course Requirement: Anyone who is interested in living a healthy life

Video Recordings of Live Sessions

Krishi Go Raksha – Session-1 01st May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-2 02nd May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-3 08th May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-4 09th May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-5 15th May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-6 16th May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-7 22nd May 2021
Krishi Go Raksha – Session-8 23rd May 2021

Krishi Go Raksha Course Notes

Krishi Go Raksha Course Notes – Day 1
Krishi Go Raksha Course Notes – Day 3-4
Krishi Go Raksha Course Notes – Day 5
Krishi Go Raksha Course Notes – Day 6

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Start Date: Completed
Duration: 16 Hours
Video: 2 Hours Each
No. Of Sessions: 8
Sessions Per Week: 2
Days: Sat & Sun
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM IST