Mridanga Course

Course Description:

* Beginners batch: Get the foundation by learning the fundamentals. You will learn the correct strokes and how to produce the proper sound. Hand and finger practice mantras will be given to train your hands properly and loosen your wrist. The focus will be on clarity of sound produced, good rhythm, and developing playing speed. Towards the end of the course a couple of basic kirtan beats may be given. If you successfully complete this course, you will have the opportunity to join the next intermediate batch and learn more.

* Intermediate batch: Learn basic traditional kirtan beats in different rhythms like Dadra tal, Daspere tal, Ghoda tal, Kaherva tal, Kemta tal, and various tehais for these tals. These are all beats which can be practically applied in kirtan.

Course Contents:

Beginner batch: Mridanga Pranama Mantra, foundational techniques to train the hands and loosen the wrist: 10 Hand Practice Mantras, 5 Finger Practice Mantras, learn how to make the metallic sound on the small side of the mridanga, learn the Dugis (sounds produced by sliding on the big side of the mridanga), a few basic kirtan beats.

Intermediate batch: Overview of the fundamentals, Daspere tal, Kaherva tal, Ghoda tal, single speed and double speed tehais, Dadra tal and tehais.

Course Materials: Mridanga mantras will be typed into the chat. Short demonstration videos will be sent.

Target audience: Devotees residing in India and surrounding countries very close to Indian time zone (IST) ages 7+

Assessment Plan: Each class they will be given mantras to practice in between classes. So before each class, visual assessment will be done for each student on how they have practiced the previously given mantra.

Course Requirement: A desire to assist Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s sankirtan mission by learning how to play mridanga. Students must have access to a mridanga for the classes and for practice in between classes. 1 hour of practice per day is recommended.

Video Recordings of Live Sessions

Mridanga Course – Session – 1 – 29th June 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 2 – 02nd July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 3 – 07th July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 4 – 09th July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 5 – 13th July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 6 – 17th July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 7 – 20th July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 8 – 23rd July 2021
Mridanga Course – Session – 9 – 27th July 2021

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Start Date: 29th June, 2021
Duration: 8 Hours
Video: 1 Hour Each
No. Of Sessions: 8
Sessions Per Week: 2
Days: Tue & Fri
Time: 7:00 to 8:00 AM IST