Śrī Cānakya Nīti

Śrī Cānakya Nīti: essential verses in the light of Vaisnava Philosophy – Module 1

Course Description: This course discusses essential ślokas of Cānakya nīti and its application from the perspective of Vaisnavism. It also deals with social perspectives that can help one in day to day life.

Course contents: Five levels of consciousness and the position of Cānakya nīti.
Essential ślokas and explanations from Nīti śāstra of Cānakya.

Course Materials: Outline notes on every session.

Target Audience: Anyone who is interested to learn Śrī Cānakya Nīti.

Assessment Plan: An examination held at the end of the course.

Course Requirement: None – Open for all.

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